When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, figuring out how to best move forward is challenging. There is a lot of information to absorb. You want to know more about your type of cancer, the symptoms you will experience as the cancer progresses, and your prognosis. You will need to learn what treatment plans are available and the pros and cons of the different treatment options. You also worry about how it will affect the other aspects of your life, both near- and long-term: your family life, your job, your appearance, and your physical abilities. At Beacon Clinic, we know how life-altering cancer is, even from the very moment that you are informed of your cancer diagnosis. It is a stressful time adjusting to your new status and a new focus. You will have to spend a lot of time planning how to incorporate your treatment into your daily obligations and routines. It will take a lot of emotional effort and energy to generate a positive outlook and maintain emotional stability. Beacon Clinic understands that cancer is not just a medical problem. Although we offer many cancer treatments in-house, our services go beyond providing medical services. Instead, the purpose of our center is to support all aspects of your cancer care under one integrated plan that addresses medical services as well as lifestyle support. Our approach is patient-focused, helping you to coordinate and manage every aspect of the shifting landscape of your life. 

Cancer Treatment Options 

While we do not offer every cancer treatment option at our facility, we do offer treatment services such as chemotherapy infusions, oral chemotherapy, radiation oncology, and immunotherapy. We also can have your labs drawn on-site, reducing the number of offices you have to visit and ensuring that your results will be seen by your oncologist promptly.  Our Coeur d’Alene facility is located in the Chinook Medical Building, directly across from Kootenai Hospital, and in the same building as many other medical services, making it convenient for you when you need to see other specialists. We also have an office in Post Falls on Polston Avenue, conveniently located within the Post Falls medical hub. As a cancer center, our goal is not to be a one-stop shop for all cancer treatments but a one-stop shop for cancer care support. We are not tied to any particular medical facility. We strive to stay current with the best oncology care facilities nationwide, including the Mayo Clinic and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. That way, we can keep our focus on what is best for our patients, staying informed about what treatments may be available for them from any source. Part of that effort includes keeping abreast of whether our patients may be eligible to participate in ongoing clinical trials involving innovative new therapies. 

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Beacon Clinic also provides counseling, rehabilitation, and nutrition therapy support services. Whatever treatment course you decide to pursue, we will support you with compassion, advice, and information. We collaborate with specialists in several fields, including physiotherapists, naturalists, dieticians, and chiropractors. We will work with you to address whatever additional services can help you improve your quality of life and independence while undergoing cancer treatment.  After your course of treatment, we are still with you. We know that cancer is a journey, and we will assist you as you work through recovery to regain your strength and health.

Financial Counseling  

Another significant stress factor often overlooked is the financial burden that medical care can impose. Cancer, unlike other medical challenges, can involve a long period of ongoing treatment and monitoring that may extend over several months. Medical treatment on this scale can become very expensive. Financing can be challenging, and even the best insurance plans can be difficult to understand and navigate.  Beacon Clinic employs a financial counselor to help patients and their families determine which treatments will be covered by your plan and what you may have to pay for out-of-pocket. We can discuss how to cover your bills, help you apply for assistance such as co-pay cards and grants, and find housing and transportation solutions when needed.

Get Started at Beacon Clinic

Requesting an initial consultation is the easiest way to get started at Beacon Clinic. During this first meeting, we can discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. You will have an opportunity to meet our staff and learn more about our services. Call Beacon Clinic today to make an appointment. Like a beacon on a dark night, we will help you navigate this challenging time.