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Supportive Services

We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

We understand the value of supportive services such as nutrition, rehabilitation, and financial counseling at Beacon. We consult with registered dieticians who help with nutritional counseling and dietary services such as meal planning and cooking workshops. To guarantee that we are reaching each patient’s individual goals of care, we have excellent contacts in the rehabilitation and physical therapy fields, as well as good working partnerships with numerous chiropractors, naturopaths, and palliative care groups. Furthermore, we work to reduce the financial burden that cancer treatments and therapies place on patients and their families by securing a variety of grants, co-pay cards, and other types of support.

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Nutritional Counseling

We believe in an integrative, whole-person approach to cancer care at Beacon, which includes a focus on the impact of diet and nutrition on patients’ overall health.

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Every new cancer patient has the opportunity to be connected with our network of nutition counselors, who are always happy to provide evidence-based dietary advice and make suggestions. We also examine our patient panel on a daily basis to see if any of them have lost weight or lost appetite unexpectedly, which gives them another opportunity to discuss with their nutition team. Patients who are unable to maintain a balanced diet or meet their nutrition goals owing to their disease or related side effects can find nutrient-rich supplements, cookbooks, and other nutritional materials at Beacon.

Cancer care & wellness support

Patients always receive the highest level of evidence-based medical care from Beacon’s providers, in conjunction with other wellness experts in the community.

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Beacon also recognizes the value of collaboration and teams up with local physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths, and palliative care organizations to establish a comprehensive care plan personalized to each patient. Collaboration with local rehabilitation and physical therapy groups is also part of the plan to help patients restore strength, physical function, quality of life, and independence in everyday activities. In addition, Beacon uses a variety of additional forms of therapy in our clinic, such as licensed pet therapy dogs, as well as cold caps and scalp cooling systems.

 Financial Counseling

Beacon understands that cancer treatments can put a financial strain on patients and their families.

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We do our best to reduce some of the financial burden and uncertainty that patients face in addition to everything else. That’s why we have financial counselors on staff who can provide patients with a summary of their insurance coverage, including their out-of-pocket costs, what they’ve already paid, and when they will reach their deductible. We also seek grants, co-pay cards, and other forms of financial support for our patients, such as lodging and transportation coordination.

Financial Counseling

“At Beacon, financial counseling is part of your cancer journey. And we’re here to support you in that.”

Wendy Collins, Care Coordinator