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Founded on the principles of providing high-quality care and premium service, Beacon Clinic is a growing practice with people who are dedicated to making patients feel as comfortable and cared for as possible.

Our physicians and advanced practice providers have developed long-term relationships with other medical professionals and members of the community. Beacon recognizes the value of collaboration and continuity of care with our healthcare peers, and we are committed to nurturing those connections while also serving our incredible community. Beacon’s mission is to build a patient-centered healthcare practice that incorporates the exceptional customer care and service that our founder, Dr. David Bartels, acquired as a child growing up in his parents’ restaurants.


Beacon Clinic

The name Beacon Clinic is inspired by our team’s objective to support and guide our patients through their health journey, as well as provide hope and a sense of security during a challenging and emotional time in their life.

Our logo, a lighthouse shining a light out toward troubled waters, represents our team sending out a signal to direct and guide our patients to Beacon Clinic, where they will receive compassionate care from a group of individuals who will fight tirelessly for them and provide never-ending support throughout their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

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Dr. David Bartels’ Message

I founded Beacon Clinic with the goal of providing a level of care that we can all be proud of as a team. My ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional patient experience that I would want for myself or a family member.

All of Beacon’s providers and staff share these principles and genuinely exemplify the organization’s vision. Our team is made up of the most dedicated, compassionate people who regularly go above and beyond for their patients and seek to improve patient care and the overall patient experience. It is a pleasure to have every one of them involved in our project, and I am humbled by their unwavering support and encouragement.


What Our Patients Have to Say About Us

“Dr. Bartels is compassionate and down to earth as well as being VERY KNOWLEDGABLE. I’ve worked with a number of oncologists, and he’s the one I’d choose if needed.”

Tana L.

“Dr. Bartels is amazingly compassionate and extremely knowledgeable! We are fortunate to have him and his practice in our community!”

Jinga L.

“Dr Bartels and his staff are such caring loving people your just not a number your loved and care about!”

Loretta G.