Since its founding, Beacon Clinic has become the premier provider of oncology and hematology services for patients in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. Currently located in the Chinook Medical Building in the heart of the healthcare corridor, Beacon Clinic will be increasing its capacity in an effort to meet the rapidly growing demands of its practice.

Beacon Clinic is excited that its services to cancer and blood disorder patients have been met with such a favorable response in the region. This expansion is a reflection of Beacon’s positive impact on the community, as it continues to maintain an unparalleled level of patient care and support for individuals faced with a diagnosis of cancer or blood-related illness. 

With every patient, the goal at Beacon Clinic is to provide elevated, personalized care. Beacon staff members endeavor to provide a level of care that they would want for themselves or their loved ones if they were faced with these health challenges. Consequently, they do everything they can to assist patients with information, help, support, and resources. Beacon’s professional, compassionate team is dedicated to offering exceptional care at every level. 

Beacon Clinic offers a spectrum of services designed to work in unison so that each patient can develop a personalized roadmap in pursuing treatment. Their mission is to accompany them every step of the way, from diagnosis through recovery, offering medical, nutritional, financial, and rehabilitation consultation, as well as many other supportive services and resources to make a patient’s journey as positive and stress-free as possible.

Beacon Clinic provides many oncology and hematology treatments in-house, including immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, laboratory services, oral medication dispensing, and other supportive services. Beacon also offers access to groundbreaking clinical trials for patients who may be able to benefit from innovative new treatments that are undergoing study.

The newest expansion will enable Beacon Clinic to increase its services related to:

  • Infusion center services
  • Oral medication dispensing 
  • Laboratory services
  • Clinical trials

As Beacon Clinic continues on its path of rapid growth, the newly expanded facility will provide the Coeur d’Alene region with increased access to much-needed services for cancer and blood disorder patients, particularly in light of the recent growth in the population. The increase in capacity will enable Beacon to serve more patients without sacrificing the premier level of care that Beacon’s patients have come to expect.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder, Beacon Clinic is here to provide you with the patient-focused, compassionate care you deserve. Contact Beacon Clinic today to experience the difference.