A mix of excitement and apprehension often accompanies change. For Beacon Cancer Care, however, the latest change is one in which excitement firmly outweighs apprehension! That’s because change has arrived in the form of a new name and a state-of-the-art facility, ushering in a new era of patient-focused care. Beginning August 28, 2023, Beacon Cancer Care will be reborn as Beacon Clinic

Beacon Clinic’s metamorphosis is not limited to a new name, logo, and website. The clinic has a complete makeover awaiting patients in the form of a new facility at 3815 N. Schreiber Way, Suite 101, in Coeur d’Alene. The recently remodeled 43,000-square-foot medical building is set to become an exemplar of top-tier healthcare in the region. Designed by Bernardo Wills Architects and executed by Walker Construction, the facility promises an unparalleled medical experience. In addition to its new facility, Beacon Clinic will continue to operate at its present Post Falls location under its new name.

Helo Hancock, Beacon Clinic’s CEO, highlighted the remarkable transformation awaiting patients in the form of the remodeled infusion rooms and cutting-edge medical equipment. More than just a clinic, this new facility aims to provide a boutique experience designed to give patients a welcoming and modern facility that puts their comfort and convenience first. 

The facility is in an area of Coeur d’Alene that is easily accessible and centrally located. Although somewhat removed from the “medical hub” near Kootenai Hospital, the new Beacon building minimizes the need for patients to visit multiple facilities by offering its patients a broad spectrum of complementary services in-house, including a phlebotomy lab, treatment rooms, and pharmacy.

The soul of Beacon Clinic lies in its unwavering dedication to patients. Dr. David Bartels, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, emphasized that while the name may be new, Beacon’s dedication to providing an unmatched patient experience remains unchanged. The decision to rebrand under the broader term “Beacon Clinic” is a logical step. The new name reflects the clinic’s expansion into diverse specialties such as medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, rheumatology, and more. The new identity mirrors their extended range of services aimed at offering comprehensive care to patients and their families.

This growth enables Beacon Clinic to provide a more holistic healthcare approach in line with its vision of changing the nature of patient care. The clinic’s suite of services, ranging from radiation therapy and chemotherapy to clinical research trials and supportive services, showcases their commitment to not only treating diseases but also nurturing overall well-being. The new location is set to continue these services, ensuring that patients can continue to count on the same level of exceptional care.

The greater community is invited to join in the celebration of this milestone. A grand opening event will be held in the coming weeks to introduce the new name and the state-of-the-art facility to the public. This event, eagerly awaited, is an opportunity for local residents to witness firsthand the transformation that Beacon Clinic has undergone.

Beacon Clinic’s evolution from Beacon Cancer Care to its new identity is a testament to its dedication to adapt and grow while keeping patients’ needs at the forefront. As the clinic embraces this new phase, it continues to be guided by its unwavering commitment to its patients. For them, Beacon Clinic will strive to continue living up to its role of shining as a “guiding beacon of hope” when patients face serious health challenges. Beacon Clinic’s commitment to guiding patients through their healthcare journeys remains as strong as ever.

To learn more about the services Beacon Clinic offers at its new facility or to schedule an appointment, call Beacon Clinic today.