The moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, a lot of questions enter your mind. What is my prognosis? What are my treatment options? Where do I need to go for treatment? How will I pay for treatment? What type of support is available for me and my family? Are my other family members at risk for cancer?

Our goal at Beacon Clinic is to help you answer all of these questions as well as others that will undoubtedly crop up, while also providing you the highest quality of personalized cancer care throughout the process. Where other cancer centers may inform you of the what the textbook says and leave it at that, we will work with you to not only provide evidence-based, innovative medical care, but also to explore other supportive measures and forms of assistance for you and your loved ones to lessen the stress and improve your quality of life.


The Beacon Clinic Difference

Patients come first. Period. We find ways to say yes where other cancer centers say no. We treat our patients the way we would want ourselves or our loved ones to be treated if they were in the same situation. We strive to be the best choice for all cancer patients and tailor our treatment plans to support our patients’ individual goals of care.

We are not a large hospital. We are a specialized clinic that focuses on one thing: patient-focused, compassionate cancer care. We approach cancer care from the perspective of the patient, and every facet of our care protocol is to focus on each patient as an individual who is undergoing a very personal and life-changing struggle. 

If you decide to work with us, we will assist you in creating an integrative treatment plan tailored to your needs. We will be with you as you navigate your way through your cancer journey, being sensitive to your stage of life, personal circumstances, other health conditions, and your lifestyle. We believe that the best cancer care is about the patient, and not the disease.

If you are looking for a helping hand and a holistic approach to conquering cancer, we can help. Here are some of the services that we offer that make us different.

Cutting-Edge, Innovative Treatments

At our clinic, we offer many treatments in-house. For example, our clinic can provide onsite chemotherapy infusions and immunotherapies, as well as dispense oral chemotherapy and other medications right in our clinic, without you having to visit a pharmacy. We also have an in-house lab where we check your levels and see how you are doing prior to personally walking you back to the infusion room and getting you settled for your treatment with a warm blanket and a beverage. Our facility is also conveniently located in the same building as some other medical specialties, so, in some cases, you may be able to see your other providers under one roof, while still experiencing a level of accessibility and intimacy that is often lacking in larger facilities.

Because our entire practice focuses on treating cancer, we stay up-to-date on the most current therapies being utilized in cancer treatment. We make it our business to know which therapies have the highest success rates. We also monitor which therapies are the most well-tolerated by patients, focusing on reducing any adverse side effects or other impacts that can affect your overall quality of life. We will work to make sure you have access to the best care available.

Testing and Clinical Trials

We also offer our patients the opportunity, when appropriate, to participate in genetic testing and clinical trials. Genetic testing can significantly impact the course of a patient’s treatment and overall outcome, especially given all of the exciting advancements in targeted therapies and immunotherapies. It can also inform you of whether there may be risks to your family members. We perform genetic testing in our office, so it is easy and convenient for our patients.

Clinical trials help scientists understand the effectiveness of newly proposed cancer treatments. By offering our patients the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials, they can be among the first to potentially benefit from new therapies before they become mainstream. With our clinical trial options, we provide the necessary counseling, treatment, and supervision in-house, so that our patients do not have to travel long distances to receive cutting-edge therapies. 

Integrative Approach

A cancer treatment plan should include supportive services, such as physical therapy, nutritional guidance, palliative care, and mental health. At Beacon Clinic, we offer information and coordinate referrals on all aspects of self-care during cancer treatment, as well as quality-of-life services, which may include gas cards, pet therapy dogs, cold caps and scalp cooling systems, paramedical tattooing, cleaning services, and more.

Financial Counseling

In addition to the cancer diagnosis, many patients experience the additional stress of knowing that they will have to bear the burden of expenses associated with treatment.  At Beacon, we provide on-site financial advice to our patients. We  will y work with you to help you understand your insurance coverage and your out-of-pocket responsibilities, and we can also help you to seek out grants from foundations and other forms of support, and with your permission, apply for them on your behalf.  

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking for an unparalleled patient experience, combining evidence-based medicine with supportive services and compassionate, personalized care, Beacon Clinic is here for you. Make an appointment at Beacon Clinic today and find out how our team of specialists can help.