A new cancer diagnosis can be emotional and overwhelming, with patients and loved ones often not knowing where to start, who to involve, and what options are available. At Beacon Clinic, we strive to create an environment that is intimate, convenient and easily accessible, and we do our best to streamline the process and help you answer all of your questions in a way that aligns with your individual goals of care. At Beacon, you will be able to access resources, services, and a level of personalized support that other facilities and healthcare settings are not able to provide.

1. Dedicated Specialists

Our care team is made up of individuals who have dedicated their careers and talents to treating and caring for cancer patients. Our staff has extensive experience working with individuals facing many different types of cancers, and our facilities are designed to provide cancer patients with the specialized support they need in an intimate setting that is easy to navigate. This enables us to provide compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding care that is hard to match in a more generalized or larger-scale setting.

2. Human Connection

Treating cancer is not like other medical interventions. It is an ongoing journey, and having a care team with whom you can build a relationship of trust and have a close connection will make a tremendous difference in how you manage your treatment as it progresses. At Beacon, you’ll work with the same familiar faces and team of medical professionals throughout your treatment and recovery. We will be invested in your care and outcome, supporting you through the hard days and celebrating your victories with you.

3. Access to Clinical Trials and Current Research

Cancer treatments have changed dramatically throughout the last several decades, and promising new discoveries and innovations are constantly arising. The physicians and other healthcare professionals at our cancer center are passionate about what is happening in cancer research so that we can offer our clients the highest quality care. We stay abreast of the most cutting-edge therapies in the hematology/oncology field, and we offer numerous clinical trials for various cancer types (e.g., head & neck, bladder, melanoma, sarcoma, etc.) in a small, outpatient setting that is easier to navigate than the larger institutions and facilities that typically offer these research opportunities.

4. Supportive Services

Having access to supportive services can provide you with a better quality of life and alleviate stressors during your cancer journey. We offer supportive services related to nutritional, rehabilitative, and even financial concerns. Our financial counselors, for example, who focus exclusively on the hematology/oncology space, are truly the best of the best when it comes to mitigating the financial woes of a cancer diagnosis, and their success at securing grants and other available assistance for our patients is unmatched. Our team understands that cancer is much more than just a medical diagnosis, and we take a comprehensive approach to support you personally, financially, and otherwise to ensure you have the most positive and informed experience possible.

5. Nutritional Awareness

We can help you navigate nutritional choices to help you to make your treatment work more effectively. Our goal is to make sure your nutritional needs are being met and to help you make healthful choices in planning your meals during treatment and recovery. We know that consuming nutritious foods in the proper amounts will help your body respond better to treatment and give it the energy it needs to fight and heal.

6. Integrated Treatments

The medical team at our care center will work in tandem with your other care providers to give you the highest level of care possible. We will consistently communicate with other members of your care team, including physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and other healthcare providers, updating and modifying your treatment plan as necessary. Having all your care providers work together ensures you receive holistic care that focuses on all aspects of your health, not just your cancer.

7. Patient-Focused Care

Everything we do at Beacon revolves around our belief in providing patient-focused, compassionate care. We take care of our patients the way we would want ourselves or our loved ones to be treated. Our team views the work we do as a mission, as a vocation. We often say that while we cannot control the disease, we can control the way our patient’s experience it, and we strive to do everything we can to make the experience the best it can be. Navigating your journey with cancer is never easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Beacon, you will know that your care team is treating you with the care and attention you deserve. Contact Beacon Clinic today, and let us guide and support you and your loved ones on your cancer journey.