Cancer can be overcome, and at Beacon Clinic, our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of personalized care and the most innovative therapies available to do just that.

1) Our Mission Is You

At Beacon, we believe we are partners with our patients. Our team, from the healthcare providers to the support staff at every level, are devoted to treating patients like family, offering personalized service at each step of your cancer journey.

We understand that cancer is often the greatest challenge a person will face in life. We commit to walking alongside you and supporting you throughout the process, from diagnosis through treatment and into recovery. Our lighthouse logo says it all: we are about security and hope during a time when you may feel lost and in need of a guiding light.

2) We Believe in the Power of Relationships

We have carefully constructed a network of professional and community relationships so that we can provide patient-focused, quality service in our most important relationships of all: the ones we have with our patients.

We work with healthcare providers and wellness professionals throughout the community and can connect you with the professionals best able to help you. We also work closely with experts from renowned academic centers such as the University of Washington, the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the Mayo Clinic, and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 

3) Our Care Is Tailored to Your Unique Situation

We know that every person’s situation is unique to them, and our goal is to integrate treatment and care in a way that makes things as easy as possible in navigating your way through treatment. We offer innovative therapies on-site as well as an oral medication dispensary, lab facilities, care coordination with other physician offices, financial counseling, referrals for physical therapy, nutrition and other supportive services, and more.

Our approach is to enable you to see your doctor, undergo treatment, access medications, and have lab work done all in one place. Living with cancer is difficult enough without having to spend your time tracking multiple appointments at multiple locations, or wondering if all of them are communicating effectively and working together to give you the attention you need.  Our services are designed to allow you to save time and frustration, knowing that every aspect of your care is integrated and intentional.

4) We Don’t Just Treat the Cancer

When you address your health and wellness at every level, you place yourself in the best position to overcome your cancer. We work closely with registered dieticians who are available to help you develop an evidence-based nutritional plan to help you balance your diet, meet your nutritional goals, and give your body the strength it needs to overcome cancer.

We also offer financial counseling, help with rehabilitation and physical therapy, chiropractic and naturopathic referrals, and anything else you may need to regain strength and function, improve your quality of life, and continue to enjoy living independently in recovery.

5) We Offer Access to Innovative Clinical Trials

Clinical research trials provide access to next-level treatments before they hit the mainstream market and are vital to ensuring we are providing the best cancer care available. Dr. Danko Martincic, who leads our research team, has worked in nationwide studies and dozens of clinical trials for over two decades and is passionate about getting our patients access to the latest trials and cutting-edge therapies. We will work closely with you to determine whether a clinical trial is the best option for your particular situation.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with us. If you have had a cancer diagnosis, connect with us today at Beacon Clinic to find out how we work together toward healing.